Ashlett New Forest Ponies-Ashlett New Forest Ponies


 Leighclose Tender Thoughts
(Now deceased) 
The story below is for historical reference only

                              Sire:Leighclose Marcus May S00513  
                     Dam:Leighclose Mistress of Thornfield M10125

We purchased Tommy from Mrs Rosemary Jones 27 years ago when he was 12 years old.  He moved on to new pastures at the age of 33, and has been a once in a lifetime pony, carrying all members of the family over the years.  He had a huge character, with a very definatewicked streak.  He would undo any rope or door catch, and had a special look, which we called the Tommy Leer.  He was totally fearless, and could be ridden through the centre of London, but, if he decided to have fun, would put you on the deck before you knew what was happening.
IMG_5666Tommy was a colt hunter before we got him, and we rode him on the drifts ourselves.  He could turn on a sixpence, and had the most fantastic movement.  He won at the Breed Show as a yearling and a two year old.  We took him to the New Forest Pony Enthusiasts Club Show two years running, and on both occasions walked off with the Veteran's Championship.  As time went by, we were lucky enough to purchase one of his granddaughters, Brookshill Tender Thoughts, whom we call Daisy, as a four-month-old foal.  She has been, and still is one of our best breeding mares.  She lives out on the Forest all year round, always remaining in wonderful condition.  In 2008, she won the Pinkney Cup in the non-hand fed competition. This cup was presented for the best Forest running mare in the whole of the Forest, who had her foal weaned before Christmas.  From her we have had - Ashlett Candyfloss, Ashlett Letitia, Ashlett Merrylegs, Ashlett Medlar, and in 2011, Ashlett Bluebell. 

Sadly this autumn ( 2012) we had to say our farewells to Tommy, as his health suddenly deteriorated, and his quality of life got to a point where we deemed it unacceptable for him to carry on.  We will remember him as we would one of the family. RIP Tom.