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Ashlett Beatrice
As a yearling.
Ashlett Bethanie
A five-year-old, out of Ashlett Isabella, by Blackwell Flashman
Ashlett Beatrice
Filly foal out of Brookshill Tender Thoughts (rare bloodlines), by Woodfidley TopGun

Ashlett Cinders


 Ashlett Candyfloss

Ashlett Rufus

Kingsrew Whispering Willow

Ashlett Swallow

Ashlett Medlar

Ashlett Blackberry

Ashlett Ruby

Ashlett Red Robin

Kingsrew Kestrel

Kingsrew Scooby Doo          NFS(G)460089

Born 12th May, 2004

Sire: Limekiln Endevour                             Dam: - Longmead Kittywake

Scooby Doo was bred by our daughter, Fiona, and sold privately to a Forest family. Caitlin, his owner / rider, has done wonders with him.  He is pictured here at Mopley show on the 5th May 2014, collecting a number of rosettes.  A quote from Caitlin reads - 'Rossettes in everything we did, and clear in everything we did'.     Indeed, they achieved one 1st, and two 3rd's in their classes.  The pictures below are at the show, and one in training.   Well done to Scooby & Caitlin!   

Ashlett Bethanie

Sire: - Blackwell Flashman                 Dam: - Ashlett Isabella

Here is the latest member of the Ashlett team.  She is seen here at five months old, having recently been weaned off of her mother.  Sadly her mother was killed in a traffic accident some days after her return to the Forest.  As a result, Beth will be remaining with us to continue the bloodline of her dam.  Beth has settled in very well, and is showing a wonderful kind nature and temperament.  We expect her to make 14hh.  


   Ashlett Callie Mae       
Below is a picture of Callie Mae at her debut into showing.  She is seen here back at home after a busy day at the Sunnyside Show near Edinburgh. She achieved 1st Youngstock in Hand.  1st Potential Driving Pony.  2nd Mixed M&M in hand.  2nd Pony not bred by exhibitor.  Not bad for first time in the ring! 


Ashlett Nightingale & Kingsrew Hazel

These two yearlings were sired by Pondhead Panshine on the Forest. Nightingale's dam is Ashlett Swallow, and Hazel's is Kingsrew Whispering Willow.  Both have recently been taken in from the Forest to over winter on our holding, and also to stop them gorging on an exceptionally heavy crop of acorns this year.   


Kingsrew Whispering Willow

( A strange, but true story )

Sire - Oke Dene Red Alert             Dam - Sunnydale Sprite

Here is the dam of one of the above yearlings (Kingsrew Hazel).  This mare had an interesting start in life as a foal. For some time she was brought up and fostered by a mare who had lost her foal at birth, and stole her from her true mother.  It wasn't until she was a yearling that we realised things were not quite right, and had a DNA test done, which proved beyond doubt that she did not belong to the mare that she had been suckling.  It was sad for her true mother, as all she could do was look on and watch as her foal grew.  We of course, believed her to have been the mare who had lost the foal at birth.  It just goes to show how one can be easily misled.  Willow is none the worse for her experience, and enjoys her life out on the Forest.  She is pictured here having just been turned out in the spring of 2013 at Aldridge Hill in the New Forest.


Ashlett Buffy

Sire: Furzey Lodge Zennica          Dam: Brookshill Tender Thoughts

Buffy was born in May 2012, and left us for his new home in Wiltshire, in the autumn of 2012.  We were delighted to receive these photographs of him, showing his progress up to the current time (January 2014).  We wish his owner every success with his future, and commend her on doing a very fine job with him.